Secrets every dancer should know


Couple Dancing and DippingStepping onto the dance floor can be an anxious moment. My fear and awkwardness around dancing was epic. The only dance move I was good at was sidestepping the dance floor and hightailing it away.

I know your pain.

Yeah, I pushed through, broke the “dance code” and wrote a book, Every Man’s Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing. (Ladies, despite the title, this book will help you too. Not sure? Have a look at some free chapters and the Table of Contents.)

Ballroom dancing survival guide on AmazonWhile you can’t learn to dance by reading a book, a book can reveal the “secrets”—they’re secrets because you won’t learn them in a dance class—that will help you break out of your dance funk. A book can tell you what’s missing from all the dance classes and dance videos that aren’t working that well.

Consider this book if

  • You can’t hear the beat of music or lack rhythm
  • You’re a reluctant dancer or new to dance
  • You fear dance or hate to dance
  • You can’t dance or get confused in dance classes
  • You want to hack your dance education and accelerate your training

Classes are good but you need more. Think of my book as “everything you should have learned in Arthur Murray, but didn’t.”

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